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Affirmations for Tinnitus do they work?.

 Affirmations for Tinnitus do they work?.

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A simple affirmation to help stop Tinnitus.

  Tinnitus Hypnotherapy session |Free. 

In the late 19th century there was a French doctor who worked at helping his patients with self hypnosis and affirmations. After 20 years of experiments he concluded that using affirmations at least 20 times a day could help a person get well again. Sometimes from even serious illness. His name was Emile coue.

His works and his books are most interesting. His methods in Psychotherapy for helping people get better are really simple. In fact if you suffer from Tinnitus you can use this method and this affirmation to help you get better from your Tinnitus condition.

We all know that having Tinnitus or even disabling or debilitating Tinnitus can ruin your life. The relentless Tinnitus sound or sounds in your head. Ringing in the ears that seems to never go away can in time drive people mad. In my case it has driven me to distraction. However I keep on trying to stay sane and move forward with positive actions that help my Tinnitus condition and may get rid of Tinnitus altogether.

Recently I too have tried this method of affirmations and thinking in different ways. Trying to manifest health and in my case, to see myself without Tinnitus is no easy task. This is especially true when you have terrible Tinnitus sounds in your head to deal with in the first place.

But on a very positive note I did have some success for a while trying this method. 
I would wake normally when the Tinnitus is loudest. This is how I always have been waking up. I would immediately affirm to myself the following affirmation.
Every day and in every way my Tinnitus is getting better and better. I would keep repeating this statement as many times as I could in a relaxed calm almost meditative way. I would then repeat this saying with feeling and emotion throughout the day.

Now I did have a little success with this. And although my Tinnitus did not go away completely, far from it. It did actually seem to help because my Tinnitus sound changed slightly and the pitch of the Tinnitus changed.

It could be that I imagined this but I think not. I am trying this again.
The idea in all of this is to see yourself getting better and to see yourself in your mind letting your Tinnitus go. You are imprinting this into your subconscious mind by saying the affirmation and then this shows up on the screen of space in your reality.

This may all seem a bit airy fairy to many people but if you read about the success of Emile Coue and others who have used affirmations to help heal people, then there seems to be something to all of this.

To use this very simple affirmation technique is easy and costs nothing so it is well worth a try. But remember you need to say it with feeling and believe that you will get better.

I wish you success. If you would like to leave a comment as to where you are with your Tinnitus problem or what you have found to help get rid of Tinnitus then this would be good. We can all help each other.

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Saturday, 15 August 2020

Tinnitus Hypnotherapy session|Hypnotherapy session for Tinnitus|Free


Tinnitus Hypnotherapy session|Hypnotherapy session for Tinnitus|Hypnosis for Tinnitus. Free Tinnitus Hypnotherapy session.

Tinnitus Hypnotherapy recording mp3 for those on the go.

This Tinnitus Hypnotherapy recording has been designed to help those who suffer with Tinnitus.

Please find a quiet place where you can be alone for thirty minutes to benefit fully from this hypnotherapy session. Please do not operate any machinery or drive while listening to this Hypnotherapy video. We suggest lying down or sitting in a very conformable chair. The aim of this Tinnitus hypnotherapy session is to impress the subconscious mind with repetition and embed this idea of the Tinnitus getting better. Try to really relax and let go to the narrators voice fully and drift along with his voice and the rhythm of his words and music. This Tinnitus Hypnosis recording will help those who are suffering with Tinnitus or chronic Tinnitus. By enforcing a strong belief that your Tinnitus is getting better deep within you. You will subconsciously start to believe this and your Tinnitus symptoms may begin to go away and start to get better. Repetition is the key. So try and listen to this Tinnitus hypnosis video or recording as many times as you can. Each time becoming more and more relaxed. You may find that as you listen to the recording regularly that you start to get a tingle up your spine, because deep down you know that this Tinnitus hypnotherapy is helping you get better.

Using self hypnosis for Tinnitus is a new way of dealing with this very unpleasant illness.
We hope that this Tinnitus Hypnosis recording helped you. If it did please leave a comment below this video. Also please share this video with others who may benefit. Please give the video a thumbs up if you found the video useful and subscribe to our channel. You can also press the bell icon to be alerted when we make another video. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video. We do hope it helped you and that your Tinnitus has improved or gone away.
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Monday, 9 March 2020

No Cure Model vs Well-being Model

No Cure Model vs Well-being Model.

Julian Cowan Hill Watch the video for more information on Tinnitus.

If you suffer with Tinnitus please share your story with us in the comments below.

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Sunday, 10 November 2019




Millions of people suffer with tinnitus worldwide. There are many different causes of tinnitus and unfortunately most doctors can not do anything about it. But You Can! Our bodies have the ability to Repair and Heal Naturally! Dr Mandell.

In this video Dr Mandell shows us how to get some Tinnitus relief. Now if your like me and your Tinnitus is torture. You may even have had depression or turned to drugs and other ways of trying to get rid of Tinnitus sounds. Constant ringing in ears can drive a person mad. And I should know I have suffered with disabling Tinnitus for over eighteen months.

Watch the video above I have actually tried these exercises and they have helped me get a little Tinnitus relief. I hope this video helps you too. If you have had success with this Tinnitus video,please leave a comment below,or let us know what you do to get rid of Tinnitus or what you have done to come to terms with your Tinnitus condition.

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Sunday, 3 November 2019

My Tinnitus coping strategies| How I am living with Tinnitus.

My Tinnitus coping strategies| How I am living with Tinnitus.

coping with tinnitus,how to live with tinnitus,how I live with tinnitus.

Tinnitus coping strategies and how I live with tinnitus at the moment. I have suffered from Tinnitus problems for the last few years. My Tinnitus condition started when I first heard a strange sound coming from the road outside where I lived. I heard what was like a car with its engine running. This changed in time to only what I describe as a little generator on a hill far away. This sound was felt as if the noise was coming up the frame work of the house.
I omitted to say that as well as this sound. I also started to be aware of a very high pitched sort of electronic frequency kind of sound. This sound over time increased in volume and intensity. So for example if I sat and worked on a computer I could hear this searing piercing electronic frequency kind of noise. This continued and soon I could hear it 24 hours a day and it affected my sleep badly. It got so bad that it affected my life in very many ways. I have tried all sorts of things to try and get rid of this sound. I was diagnosed with disabling Tinnitus. Although I have been a hard working health care professional I never knew that this Tinnitus condition existed. I had come across people with Tinnitus but never did I realize there were Tinnitus sufferers who lived with such a dreadful condition. So my quest to get rid of Tinnitus began. I have mentioned the things that I have tried to cure my Tinnitus with in other videos on this channel. It can be quite exhausting and tiresome trying to find ways to treat Tinnitus,but if you are someone who suffers with debilitating Tinnitus then you know that you need to do some- thing to quiet the Tinnitus noise or find ways to cover the Tinnitus sounds up or mask them. My Tinnitus has got worse I am sad to say. But recently I have found ways to try and cope with it. My main problem with Tinnitus is sleep. Tinnitus and sleeping don't go well together. Lots of people who struggle with Tinnitus find it hard or near impossible to sleep. So because of this I have been using an essential oil diffuser. These are not expensive and the one I bought has a remote control with it too. You don't really need that but for a few more pounds that's what you get. I have found this essential oil diffuser invaluable. I use a good brand of Lavender oil, jasmine and Chamomile. I use these separately. There are other essential oils for Tinnitus and I will experiment with them too. Since I started to use it,I have slept a little better. Bare in mind at night my Tinnitus noises can feel like someone is standing next to the bed and shooting me in the head with an electronic kind of ray gun ,which fires a high pitched searing frequency kind of sound. Sometimes its so loud I nearly jump out of bed. Getting a better night's sleep is so good because I personally have not slept properly for at least two and a half years due to Tinnitus. I also am still using herbal tinctures. These are good too. I use Skullcap,Lemon balm and Passiflora I mix 20 drops of each together with boiling water and wait for it to cool down then drink it. You may have to start off with say ten drops of each and see if this helps you. If not increase to 20 drops. So with the combination of the two I have started to sleep a little better. And it is wonderful. I still have loud Tinnitus as soon as I open my eyes,but being able to have a deeper sleep helps me to cope with Tinnitus in the day time. In other videos I explained I really like taking Wheatgrass juice and this keeps me healthy on another level. But the Tinnitus is still with me for the time being. I would highly recommend you looking at growing wheatgrass yourselves.( Check out the link for Wheatgrass down below). I have found personally that keeping busy if I have slept is really good ,because it takes my mind off the Tinnitus that I suffer with. I would like to take up Yoga soon ,this too has been shown to help with Tinnitus. As always I will keep you updated on my progress with my Tinnitus. I do hope to stop Tinnitus and be rid of it for good some how I will never give up. If you are suffering with Tinnitus and would like to share your experience or if you have found ways to live with Tinnitus please leave a comment below or just say hello.

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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Reiki Healing for Tinnitus and the Ears.

Reiki Healing for Tinnitus and the Ears.

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Tinnitus sound therapy. Reiki healing for the ears.

Sit back and relax and enjoy this special Reiki healing music for Tinnitus and the ears. Tinnitus sound therapies come in all sorts of ways. Here Reiki healing music to heal your ears. If you are a Tinnitus sufferer then you may benefit from this Reiki healing music.

Get Tinnitus relief by listening to this Reiki healing music.

This Reiki session is intended to assist you with improving your hearing and ear health. Feel free to do whatever you want to while this video is playing and the healing energy is being sent to you. You could read, work, study, meditate...
You could also mute the sound of this video and or minimize the screen and play it in the background without even having to watch my hands.
Immediately after hitting the play button the energy transmission will instantly flow towards you. Just be aware of the Reiki transmission and willing to receive it. This is a "real time" Reiki session filmed from the beginning to the end. I focus on sending PURE Reiki energy, while channeling I do not speak. During or after the session you may feel sensations of warmth, coldness, tingling, buzzing-head or nothing at all. Yawning and getting tired may also occur. It could even trigger emotional feelings or arouse memories. This is all perfectly fine. Just relax and enjoy the healing energy flowing to you. Important Note: Treatment with Energy Healing such as Reiki - does not promise to cure any illness or condition nor replaces professional medical treatment. In order for Reiki to work effectively, please be open to receiving the healing energy. It is extremely beneficial to drink water after a Reiki as part of the healing process.

Please let us know if this Reiki healing music helped you also feel free to comment below if you have found ways to get rid of your tinnitus or ways to live with Tinnitus.Thank you.

Saturday, 28 September 2019

The low-cost way to let go of tinnitus

The low-cost way to let go of tinnitus.

If you have money problems due to Tinnitus please don't panic. There is plenty you can do that costs very little that can help you settle your tinnitus. Julian makes some suggestions here and you can add a lot more to get you on track to soothing and settling yourself down cheaply, so that your nervous system comes out of fight or flight and your tinnitus backs off.

When you are suffering with Disabling Tinnitus or debilitating Tinnitus you might have so many problems that you might not be able to work. Insomnia, low moods, isolation, and other medical problems can cause a person's life to almost fall apart. Money problems ,relationship problems may occur. And so a Tinnitus sufferer may not be in a position to be able to afford expensive therapies even if these might help him or her with their Tinnitus condition's.

In America alone there are said to be a staggering fifty million Americans suffering with some form of Tinnitus problem.Two million of those are suffering with debilitating Tinnitus where it affects their ability to function properly in daily life.

There are however things that a Tinnitus sufferer can do that do not cost any money. Watch the video above for more information.

Please leave a comment and let me know where you are with your Tinnitus,and if you have any ways that help you either get rid of Tinnitus,of help live with your Tinnitus sounds.Thank you.

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Tinnitus from Tyrant to friend.

Affirmations for Tinnitus do they work?.

  Affirmations for Tinnitus do they work?. A simple affirmation to help stop Tinnitus.   Tinnitus Hypnotherapy session |Free.      ...