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Practical ways to live with Tinnitus.

Practical ways to live with Tinnitus.

If you are a tinnitus sufferer and have problems with sleeping or being able to think straight then you may have come to the point where you need to know how to cope and live with tinnitus in your life.

Perhaps you have tried drinking alcohol or even prescription drugs such as Lorazepam to help you overcome the noise in your head. And still you cannot get true relief for very long.

Taking sleeping pills and other prescription medication may help for a little while but when you stop taking them you are back to where you started. Not being able to sleep properly because of the tinnitus sounds in your head.

There are tinnitus products on the market that can help you try and cope with tinnitus and we will cover some of these here in this article.

Many people find that if they cannot cure their tinnitus then they try and mask the sounds in their heads by covering or masking them. This can be done in various ways.

The first place to visit if you need tinnitus masking is Youtube. Youtube has thousands of fantastic videos for helping you sleep or be able mask the sounds in your head caused by tinnitus.

There are jet sounds for sleeping. Rain for sleeping. Vacuum cleaner sounds. Hair dryers. Fans. And many many more sounds to help you mask out your tinnitus, ringing in the ears or buzzing in your head. So I would definitely recommend looking here first. 

Tinnitus sound therapy can really help reduce the stress caused by feeling so uncomfortable with tinnitus sounds in your ears and head.

What other things can you try to help you cope with tinnitus?

As we are all different, so are methods of coping with tinnitus are available ,but what might help one person suffering with tinnitus ,may not help another person. So it is best to try what is out there on the market to try and give you quality of life. Because tinnitus can really start to affect your life in terrible ways. Because of lack of sleep due to tinnitus,you may start to develop medical problems. You may also suffer from mental health problems in time due to lack of sleep and stress caused by the whistling,buzzing, or noises in your head.

Tinnitus masking devices

There are on the market different tinnitus masking machines. White noise machines to help you mask the sounds that you hear in your head caused by tinnitus. These white noise machines make sounds or play music to help you take your mind off the constant tinnitus sounds in your ears and head. They can really be effective in helping with chronic tinnitus.

Sound pillows.

Sound pillows are pillows with built in speakers for your smartphone or MP3/4. You can connect up to music or even downloaded Youtube videos converted in to mp3/4 so that you do not have to wear headphones while trying to sleep these are very effective.

Ear plugs.

Ear plugs to help with tinnitus. Wearing ear plugs at night can help reduce the sounds out- side of your head and can help you relax a little bit more easily. So it is worth trying with these too.

Books on Tinnitus.

Reading books about how to cure or cope with tinnitus can help too. So my advice is read and research as much as you can. What may work for some may not work for others so try and look at all options available to you. Serious tinnitus retraining methods are explained in this book

Natural remedies for tinnitus.

Trying natural ways and remedies to help with tinnitus is also a good idea too. Getting a good night's sleep is so important so natural products that enable you to get your sleep pattern back sometimes help people who have trouble with tinnitus. Trying different remedies may help you reduce you tinnitus problem.

Acupuncture for tinnitus.

Some people have success with acupuncture and acupressure to cure or help with their tinnitus,so finding a good acupuncturist in your area may be a good way to go.As with all these suggestions to help with your tinnitus ,acupuncture may help for some people but not others. But when your suffering badly with tinnitus you may feel like trying any thing to give you some relief from the tinnitus sounds in your ears and head.

Meditation and Yoga.

Stress and anxiety caused by constant sounds in your head and ears can be helped by practising Yoga or meditation. Stretching and keeping fit may help with your tinnitus symptoms. Meditation and learning how to relax can also help you live with your tinnitus.

Massage for tinnitus.

Please leave a comment if any of the suggestions have helped you with your tinnitus.

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